My story

I have always been intrigued with the science behind our body, how different parts function, interact and depend on each other and bodies amazing ability to adapt and heal still fascinates me today. After graduating as a physiotherapist I helped many people to recover from pains and musculoskeletal injuries. I quickly learned that most of these chronic issues shouldn’t be there at the first place.

Due to our modern lifestyle and habits we create imbalances within our bodies and limit ability of our body to function to its full potential.

I turned to fitness and Pilates to help people to get fit, keep their bodies in shape and stay healthy. However, after working with variety of people of all shapes and sizes, I couldn’t help but see that fitness as we know it is not truly beneficial to everyone. With the emphasis on result and body transformation, promises of quick weight loss or muscle gain, we forget to create connection with movement we do, we push our bodies in unsustainable and often harmful ways to reach our short-term goal and forget to focus on creating healthy habits which support our long-term health.

Creating connection with movement we do is essential for developing healthy movement habits.

To bring more awareness into my own training and this of my clients I trained as a yoga teacher and taught yoga classes for couple of years. Yoga practice changed my relationship with my body and helped me to develop better understanding and appreciation for the movement. However, it was not until I let go of the mindset created by western style yoga, which often emphasizes extreme range of motion to create desirable shape, for me to discover the true benefits of movement and its powers which goes beyond poses and shapes. I realized, that having understanding of basic movement patterns, allowing your body to move often and in variety of ways is what our bodies need to provide health benefits which support our long-term health.

Nowadays, I strive to make movement part of my life and not an hour session in the gym or bunch of corrective exercises. I constantly challenge my knowledge, learn new skills and explore the most effective application of human movement. I believe that understanding our bodies, exploring its possibilities and finding new different ways of movement allows us to improve how our body feels and moves day to day.



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