Why to move often, move better and move in variety of ways.

Through evolution nature has designed us for activity, making movement integral part of every function and process within our body. Walking, climbing, bending, twisting, crawling, lifting, manipulating objects and using body to its fullest potential, was essential for the survival of our ancestors. Whilst our way of living has changed, and most of us no longer need to walk for miles miles or climb trees to ensure our basic needs for food and shelter, the way our body functions depend on movement remains the same.

Your entire system, every part of you is influenced by how and how much you move.

movement benefits

Movement has long-term benefits for all, regardless age, gender, disease or disability. Movement provides us with not only well known benefits such as healthy joints, strong bones, physical strength, good circulation and improved mental well-being but has a power to influence every cell of the body. Musculoskeletal movements initiates movement of blood, nutrients, oxygen and removal of waste, so all our biological functions depend on external movement. Even functions like digestion, immunity or reproduction require us to move.

Movement has a power to improve every part of our body

move more

Nowadays, natural movement is no longer provided by the environment and we do not move nearly as much or as often as our body needs to. When we do not provide our body with sufficient stimulation, underused muscles and joints loose part of their function and our movement becomes stiffer, more deliberate, difficult or accompanied by pain an discomfort. The lack of our physical movement will at some stage start effecting function of our other systems, impacting our health and well being. Luckily our bodies have ability to adapt and when we start moving we will get better at moving. And the more often we move, the more often we give our body opportunity to function better. 

move better

Once you move more, you will quickly feel and look better. However, to enjoy more sustainable state of wellbeing, you need to not only move more often, you also need to move well. In our everyday lives we repeat the same movement patterns over and over again. We create imbalances, where there are parts of us, that move too much, whilst other parts do not move enough. Some of our muscles become tight and overused, whilst others become weak. This creates wear and tear in our joints and can become cause of pain or injury. If we want to maintain good health long-term, we should move our body, so all our joints, muscles and soft tissues work in harmony. Finding movements, which are right for our body, will minimise damage to the tissue, create balance and allow our body to function better now and in the years to come. 

move in variety of ways

Our body has many moving parts, which are designed to move in many different ways. To provide all the parts with movement and keep whole body healthy, we need to be able to move in variety of ways. Variety of movement will allow time for recovery, reduce risk of injury and stimulate our brain, keeping it focused and refreshed by building new sensory motor cues for brain to process. Is there a movement in your everyday life that you can do a little different? What new movement have you learned recently?

The more we can move our body in variety of ways, the more parts of us move more often and the more opportunities our body has to function to its full potential. 


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