Core Engagement

Learn how to effectively strengthen your core for strong abdominals and healthy back

Restore your core is a 8 week program which includes daily core activation work, posture and movement adjustments, and easy to understand education to help you rebuild you core from inside out. The workouts are build one on another in a specific way to allow you to establish proper activation of your core muscles, progressively build your strength and make adjustments to your daily activities to maximize the benefits of each movement you do. I will provide you with guidance to help you to build a solid foundation of strong core, neutral alignment and proper movement mechanics creating changes that last. 

if you want professional guidance to create functional core, build strong abdominals and maintain healthy back in comfort of your own home this program is for you

Each week we will spend 30 minutes together either in person or online via zoom to go through your exercises. I will explain you the technique, give you the opportunity to practice and ask questions.  This program does not require any special equipment or even change of your cloths, you can start exactly as you are. All you need is a quiet space where you can focus on you and your body.  Whist I have specific framework that I follow, I adapt that framework depending on your starting point. Each session together we will assess your progress and gradually increase difficulty and complexity of the exercises you do. 

Exercise consistency beats the quantity therefore each session I will create a custom made routine for you allowing you to work on your strength independently throughout the week. Your routine will be about 8 – 10 minutes long and you can fit it anywhere into your day. You will receive a detail instruction for each exercise and explanation of how’s and why’s. Allowing you to develop understanding of your anatomy and be in charge of how your body works. You will also have an opportunity to email me during the week should you have any questions about the program. 

Exercise take only a small fraction of your day, how you move during the day can make enormous difference to your core strength. Therefore in addition to your exercise routine you will receive all the necessary educational tips to allow you to create awareness and make changes in your daily life helping you to set a strong foundation for a lifetime of better movement. 

I understand that life can get hectic and there is not always a time to follow 8 week program even when it does take only 10 minutes of your day. You also might feel that it takes you longer than a week to get confident and strong with certain exercises and will need a little bit more time before next assessment and step up in difficulty. Therefore I will leave you certain amount of flexibility and you will have six month to take up your eight sessions and complete your program.