Hana Urbancova

I am a yoga teacher, pilates instructor and personal trainer based in London, Battersea. I create accessible and effective home-based exercise routines and gently guide my clients to help them understand their body and its individual needs so they can find the right exercise, progress in their own speed and build a healthy movement habits into their daily life so they feel better now and in the future. Read my story here

My story

I have always been intrigued with the science behind our body, how different parts function, interact and depend on each other and bodies amazing ability to adapt and heal still fascinates me today. After graduating as a physiotherapist I helped many people to recover from pains and musculoskeletal injuries. I quickly learned that most of …

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Why to move often, move better and move in variety of ways.

Through evolution nature has designed us for activity, making movement integral part of every function and process within our body. Walking, climbing, bending, twisting, crawling, lifting, manipulating objects and using body to its fullest potential, was essential for the survival of our ancestors. Whilst our way of living has changed, and most of us no …

Why to move often, move better and move in variety of ways. Pokračovat ve čtení »