Align you body

Home based routine designed to bring body back to alignment, so it returns to the way it naturally meant to function

Modern day conveniences such as mobile phones, computers and cars puts bodies into positions that we are not designed to be in for extended periods of time. Our lifestyle habits force some of our muscles work hard whilst others do not move enough, creating imbalances and leaving our body rigit, tight and often sore. When you are not able to move the way you want to it influences many things in your day to day life as well as changing the way you train and exercise. This muscles stiffness and lack of joint mobility is not normal and you have the ability to change how your body moves and feels. 

Knowing the right movements for your body will give you option to improve how your body feels and moves day to day

Align your body program is designed to develop understanding of how your body moves, gain awareness of your own physical restrictions and give you means to find out what works for your unique body. Being able to move your body with awareness will allow you to notice muscle imbalances and joint limitations and knowing the right exercises will enable you to change patterns and habits which might not be right for you. How you move your body matters. 

If you want to start moving better and want professional guidance to take you through the first steps this program is right for you

Here is what you get: