I teach accessible and effective homebased exercises and gently guide my clients to discover their strength and ability to move with ease and freedom. 

I am a personal trainer, yoga teacher, pilates instructor and forever student of human movement. I am also mum of two awesome human beings, devoted dog owner with love for travel and desire to experience way of life in different countries. 

Few years back I realized that you do not need to spend hours in the gym or purchase latest fitness gadget to have body which looks and feels healthy. I decided to follow my own path finding ways to fill my days with movement, discovering simple and effective exercises which my body loves and needs and creating movement routines, which are gentle to my body yet provide me with enough mobility and strength. 

I combine elements of yoga, pilates and traditional fitness with my knowledge of physiotherapy and interest in natural movement to create movement programs which encourage real people with real bodies to move more and move better. I equip my clients with simple,  accessible and sustainable home based movement routines and gently guide them to discover their strength and ability to move with ease and freedom. My aim is to inspire more people to care for their bodies with movement which allow them to live movement filled live. 

Thank you for joining me.