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Accessible and effective home based exercise routines to help you feel better in your body

Our bodies crave movement that feels good and is accessible on daily basis . Movement encourages blood to flow to every cell of our body, providing nourishment and regeneration our cells need. I believe that moving our bodies often in variety of ways is fundamental to our well being.

Personal trainer & Founder Hana Urbancova

I combine elements of yoga, pilates and traditional fitness with my knowledge of physiotherapy and interest in natural movement to guide my clients to discover their strength and ability to move with ease and freedom. My programs can help you

Moving your body well will give you ease and freedom to enjoy the things you love.

Programs for your body

I offer simple and accessible home based movement education programs. My role is to guide you and help you to understand your body and its individual needs so you can find the right exercise, progress in your own speed and build healthy movement habits into your daily life so you feel better now and in the future.

Core Engagement

Learn how to establish proper core activation, make adjustments to your posture and progressively build your strength to build a solid foundation of strong core, neutral alignment and proper movement mechanics to create changes that last.

Movement Foundation

Build a sustainable movement practice, gradually improving your mobility and functional strength creating a strong foundation for lifelong fitness

Align your Body

Build mindful awareness of your body and correct imbalances caused by our modern habits to release tension, move easier and perform better in daily life and training

Free Resources

Stop by my blog to check out articles, step-by-step guides and practical tips to help you understand how your body is designed to move and explore the ways to integrate healthy movement into your daily life.

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